“Princess Cut” FringeNYC Kickstarter


About this Kickstarter project

Princess Cut: A young girl’s reality inside a Tennessee sex ring was created to shed light on a dark, but true, story about sex trafficking. Our play follows a young woman, “Sarah”, as she relives memories of first being victimized by a family member at the age of 5, of then being introduced into what they called a “real estate ring”, and of later learning to live a double life as the psychological trauma caught up with her. Princess Cut explores what sex trafficking really looks like here in the United States and how our society has failed to recognize and address this problem, leaving little girls like “Sarah” to fall through the cracks.

Princess Cut is a play born from a need. The subject of sex trafficking, especially of children, is one so repulsive many choose to turn a blind eye. This show brings the issue more clearly to light. Done with the support of a Greek-style chorus, the narrative is tastefully executed with the aid of music and movement. The audience is allowed to delve into the unnerving story of this one girl, from her perspective, and is unable to walk away without seeing the issue more clearly.

This show allows opportunity for discussion. A question and answer session with a panel of professionals follows each performance, giving the audience action steps to fight sex trafficking within their own communities. First performed in Knoxville, TN, where this story took place, the show and panel bluntly call out failing institutions and the language surrounding issues of abuse. In the months following its premier, repeat performances were requested in Loudon, Nashville, and again in Knoxville, TN. In each location, Princess Cut forced its audience to have a good, hard look at the cities in which they live.

The New York International Fringe Festival is one of the largest multi-arts events in North America. It is an ideal platform for original and innovative theatre, and each year, FringeNYC accepts around two hundred applicants from the thousands it receives. Last month, we found out that Princess Cut was accepted to FringeNYC and now has the amazing opportunity to share Sarah’s story with a larger audience. This show has already impacted the communities in which it was performed, and we are confident that it will continue to do so on a larger scale.

Our company, Yellow Rose Productions, is passionate about producing theatre that provokes social change and promotes empathy in our audience. We use theatre such as Princess Cut to deliver an incredible narrative, while simultaneously educating and raising awareness about an important issue.

Help us bring Sarah’s story to FringeNYC. It is our hope that launching this Kickstarter will cover the costs of bringing our cast and crew to NYC for five performances of Princess Cut. After creating our budget and considering travel, food, lodging, promotion and production costs for our cast and crew of twelve, we realized that we needed to ask for financial help.

We understand that there are countless projects that are worth funding, and we appreciate your consideration. Thank you for taking the time to check out our campaign and for joining us in bringing Sarah’s story to a larger audience. Building awareness and recognition is how we are committed to fighting sex trafficking.

Danielle Roos and Kerri Koczen

Yellow Rose Productions